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    • 一句英文問題,解釋

      ...點滴, 而是大恩. 2011-01-19 16:20:43 補充: 本句也可改寫為: One should give much back to who gives him much.

    • 請問英文達人~這首歌主唱在講些啥

      What can I give back to God, for the blessings he pour out on me. 上帝給予我如此...什麼能償還給祂 Any time comes by the salvation... it's a toast to our Father 任何救贖來臨的時刻,都是對我們天主的祝禱 ...

    • 英文文法 感恩

      ... hat. I gave back her hat to her. U gave back to her her hat.