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    • 求救!請問如何翻譯”難以兼顧”英文呢

      hard to give consideration to two or more things or difficult to look after both sides hard...困難 2007-09-29 18:38:22 補充: 舉例說明: It's hard (difficult亦可) to give consideration to math and English homework during a night. 對於數學與英文作業 一個晚上...

    • 英文翻譯--拒絕降價的信件回覆

      Dear Ms.###, We have given our careful consideration to your request for price reduction and would like to meet your wish, but we...

    • 解解單字!!!!!!!!!!!

      ...正在考慮之中。 Before writing your answers please give careful consideration to the questions. 請在回答之前仔細考慮一下問題。 2. 需要考慮的事...