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    • 懇請英文達人幫忙解釋這篇文章,謝謝

      ...1. No one really knows if the drug (which was) given to two American aid workers really...further use of the experimental drug) might, if the drug were to have major side effects, lead to ...

    • 中毒的英文(或毒癮)

      ...2009-08-26 17:43:55 補充: a drug addict有(藥)毒癮的人 drug addiction藥癮, 毒癮 give drugs to用藥麻醉 His wine had been drugged, and they stole...

    • 麻煩幫我看一下這三句英文翻譯~~20點

      ...即用藥)通過腸內營養管是否合適 How well a given drug mixes into solution must be taken into account...不足(的現象)有可能產生。 Nurses don’t have to navigate the ASPEN guidelines alone...