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  1. give heed to

    • ph.
      注意; 留心
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    • 1. 注意; 留心 She gave no heed to our warnings. 她不把我們的警告放在心上。 For the first time he had to give heed to his appearance. 這是他第一次非得注意自己的外表不可了。


    注意; 留心

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      ... when most needed is least heeded.忠言逆耳。 After rain comes sunshine.雨過天晴。 All good things come to an end.花無百日紅(天下無不散之筵席)。 All...

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      ...愚者不留心"。 "The wise won't need, the fool won't heed."原形可能是"The wise don't need advice, and the fools ...

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      ...quot;實踐這些事; 是在他們, 您的進展也許是明顯的對所有。" "採取heed 對你自己和對您的教學; 繼續在這些事; 為在做這您將保存兩你自己和那些...