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  1. give in to

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      屈服, 讓步, 投降
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    • 1. 屈服, 讓步, 投降 She's a gutsy player, she never gives in to her rivals. 她是個勇敢的選手, 從不屈服於對手。 The authorities showed no signs of giving in to the kidnapper's demands. 當局對綁架者的要求絲毫沒有讓步的跡象。
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    • give in to +O的問題

      give in 指的是讓步的意思 give in to something就是說對某事讓步, 是這個片語的慣常用法 give in to someone比較少用...

    • 有關 give in 的用法

      give in:退讓 to take comfort in something引以為慰 comfort名詞安慰慰藉之意 2006-03-05 00:22:55 補充: he took comfort his faith in God and humanity.他在信仰上帝跟人性上獲得慰藉.

    • gives in the feelings

      Q:i watch as she gradually gives in to the feelings inside her.A:我看著她慢慢被自己心裡的感覺給屈服了--[叛]我愛英文˙