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    • 西洋諺語翻譯(非常緊急)

      ...意思是不要嘗試危險的事情) Give courage to the timid. 要給予怯懦者勇氣 (要鼓勵膽小的人) Each new invention is eventually ... can be used for energy. 恐懼可以被當作一種力量...

    • 英文高手請進有關feet of flame

      ...with every step the dancers make. It gives new meaning to the saying that you just HAVE to be... is NOTHING like the energy of a live stage dancing performance. ...

    • 請英文高手幫忙改文章

      ...before, the electricity company will give him a discount for the bill. If people want to know more information about ...and they will discover some new ways. Besides...air pollution. Saving energy is everyone's responsibility...