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  1. give off


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    • 1. 發散 The food gave off a bad smell. 食物已經發臭了。
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    • 幫我用片語造句~~

      1.The flowers gave off a strange odor. 2.The director held off the roporters until the...9.Many companies in America are laying off some of their workers because of the recession. 10.In some...

    • 請協助解說此句英文文法 ,修飾用法

      是的!!這是一個標準的分詞構句,原句為-- Vehicles gives off exhaust, and[連] (they) seriously polute the air. 由於前後主詞相同,故第二句的主詞...

    • 請問這一則影劇新聞的一句英文

      ...'t get me wrong, he's a gorgeous pooch, but he definitely gives off that guard dog vibe 可愛又漂亮的伊娃曼徳斯根本就是個甜心,但他的比利時瑪利...