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    give off the handle

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    • 急!請幫我看看英文自傳

      ... that I am very short-tempered, frequently flying off the handle over the trivial things. However, referring to my strength...

    • 這篇英文翻譯~好像是電影心得

      ...美國公民都應該觀賞安哥拉製片家Zeze Gamboa感人的敘事片「英雄(The Hero)」,相信也不會有許多人前往欣賞。安哥拉是一個資源驚人豐富卻...

    • 這段影片英文內容 高手幫忙聽幫忙翻譯

      ...edge. to me, He's the most intensed player I have room for a person who's gonna give, give ground. so you can're in some trouble, can't handle it get off the court. Garnett's passion...