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    give one's attention to

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    • comprehensive & attentive 英文造句

      ...content. 範圍廣泛的,全面的,通盤的;有理解力 attentive (a.) giving one's attention to someone or something ; mindful or concentrating fully on...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯這篇短文 謝謝 ! (英文翻中文)

      以意翻為主,直翻為輔。 Feeling that you give to me seems very deep to my hostility...不出原意,所以暫時以我的想法翻譯) Please pay attention to one's own words and deeds bearing...

    • Please help me to check this

      ...cause anxiety. Thus, learning to ease one's mind and relax one's body, and ...daily language. you do not necessarily have to pick my answer, but pls do not choose the ones that don't even make sense. i've only...