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    give oneself up to the police

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    • give up

      ...她結婚後仍沒放棄工作 4. give oneself/某人up (to 某人) : 投案、自首、投降 Ex: After a week on the run, he gave himself up (to the police). 他經過一周的逃亡後(向警方...

    • 幫我翻一下英文@@

      ... from, report to the police at once, and catch those two men , but should show mercy to the leading lady, since has... already gone to give oneself up to bear everything . Rob unlikely...

    • [英文]關於學術論文翻譯

      它是因為我是一名學生從狀態並且學習在翻譯畢業生學院這是我的任務的一部分並且我完成了這的多數人零件。我期望某人在台灣(in 我的看法, 您的chinese/mandarine 能力比人們在China)can 翻譯它作為我的參考和看我犯所有tranlation 錯誤的whethere 好。我無法給您許多褒獎點, 但是我相信...