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  1. give sb. away

    • ph.
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    • 1. (婚禮中)將新娘交與新郎 The bride was given away by her father. 由父親把新娘交與新郎。
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    • should give me away 的意思

      ...正確說出意思以外, 應提出依據或出處: give sb away phrasal berb (SHOW) to show...

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      ...give me a hand with the baggage? 17.give sb a big hand【口】鼓掌[S] Let’s give the singer a big hand. 18.had ... impolite to burp in public.29.right away立刻 I need a pen right far...

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      ...希望。 優的生活。 2007-11-18 19:58:44 補充: 9. live in sb.'s pocket 經常與某人在一起 At the summer camp...voice. 聽到他那可笑的聲音,我們捧腹大笑,無法自制 2. fall away 疏遠;消失 His supporters began to...