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  1. give sb. up

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    • 1. 對某人的到來(或康復、尋回)不再抱希望(或不再期待) There you are at last! We'd given you up. 你終於來了!我們還以為你不來呢! The doctors had given her up but she made a remarkable recovery. 醫生們已放棄了治愈她的希望, 而她卻恢復得很好。
    • 2. 與某人斷絕關係 Why don't you give him up? 你怎麼不和他一刀兩斷呢?
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    • 什麼意思 give sb. hell

      ...騷擾某人 例句:The boss really gave me hell today. 老闆今天...意思是說緊盯著收銀機不放的人 make sb's day意思是說使某人非常高興...39;ll make her day. trip (sb) up 意思是說(使某人)犯錯誤 例句...

    • 關於英文抖幾個成語

      ...a fine-tooth comb fight tooth and claw be long in the tooth 8. pull sb's leg give sb a leg up have a leg up on sb break a leg show a leg 9. put your hand in ...

    • 請問 give the thumbs-up

      (計劃等)得到批准. 例句 give sb the thumbs up on his new design: 贊成某人的新計劃