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  1. give someone a bell

    • telephone someone
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    • 英文單字造句(20點) 急

      ... 20 points 7.the bell is ringing you have? 9.this is a big job to do should's not cool to ask someone to do homework for you 21.she...你確定是這個字嗎? 38.please give me this you need...

    • 能幫忙看一下嗎 文法或語句有順?

      ... you use very language, so I give you this one: 2014-04-13 12:42:07 補充: very language ==> very strong language A filthy mouth cannot utter decent...: A cracked bell can never sound well. What do you...

    • 美國最常用語

      ...--破表的 I give you that--我承認 in a nutshell--簡言之 dance around(something...要開始了 take a lot out of(someone)--花了某人不少功夫 cheat on(保重 for sure--無疑的 ring a bell--提醒 up in arms--非常...