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    • 請問 kick up the pants 這英文俚語

      ...a push for motivation (2) a setback or disappointment (rarely used this way) "Kick up the paints" can only mean "give someone a boost," which is similar to the first meaning of "kick...

    • 有關身體的英文諺語或是俚語?

      ...背下來,表示停止麻煩某人 6.all fingers and thumbs. 笨手笨腳 7.kick ass. 了不起,厲害 8.kiss ass. 拍馬屁 eye for eye . 以牙還牙,以眼還眼 10.give someone a black eye. 將某人打的鼻青臉腫 a pig’s eye. 胡說,亂講 12.blow it...

    • ”請懂英文的人來幫忙一下”

      ...怪 14. throw a party 舉行派對 Let's throw a birthday party for Mary. 我們來為瑪莉辦個生日派對... Sunday. 我忘了今天是星期天 17. kick (oneself) 自責/後悔 Barry kicked ...