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    • 狄克森片語24~27

      lesson24 give someone a ring 打電話給某人 drop someone a line 寫簡信給某人 keep good time 走得準確 lesson25 make over 翻新 give birth to 生育 taste of 嚐有…氣味 get on one's...

    • 請問幾個美國俚語的解釋

      ...誰過不去 He always gives her a hard time. 他總是找她麻煩. give someone a ring (俚語)給某人打個電話 I will give him a ring. 我會給她打的電話...

    • 英語俚語翻譯12題不太了解意思

      ...斤兩 strings attached 沒有承諾的愛情 (隨便玩玩的那種) 11.give someone a ring 打通電話給某人 12.get someone/something off one's mind 不再想某人或某件事