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  1. give someone a shout

    • ph.
      get in touch with someone
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    • ph.
      call for someone's attention

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 英文 問題 ~

      ... English spoken (英式英文用法) to go and find someone and tell them something ex1: Give me a shout when you're ready to go. (當你準備好時告訴我一聲) ex2: Ted: I...

    • 簡短英文段落翻譯

      ... 指支撐屋頂的樑木結構。 shout from the rafters 英文的舊... up 狼吞虎嚥 4.) a leg up (字面意思是上一隻火雞腿來大塊朵頤) have a leg up 或 give someone a leg up 原意都是指一腳跨上馬...

    • 請問「at first blush」等英文片語的正確意思?

      ... on the phone by running and shouting. 【我正在講電話時,我弟弟在一旁又跑又叫,把我惹火了。】 to give someone a piece of one's mind:把某人臭罵了一頓或直接...