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  1. give someone the big E

    • ph.
      reject someone
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    • 幾個英文E-MAIL的問題!!

      ... that consignment should be delivered before the end of September. 2. As we intend to place.... 3. We would be grateful if you would send someone over to assist us in making an estimate. 2007...

    • 英文21題-----(20點)!!

      ... aren't any on the table. B:依照... like a chicken but bigger turkey (C)a machine...thick orange skin pumkin (E)a soft food made...bread butter (F)to give someone a responsibility to do something...

    • 英文單字造句(20點) 急

      ...9.this is a big job to do should...there only one candy in the bag's cloudy's not cool to ask someone to do homework for you...是這個字嗎? 38.please give me this to him 45.E.T go home