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  1. give someone the push

    • ph.
      dismiss someone from a job
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    • 這一篇也是~希望翻成漂亮的中文

      ...準確無誤的, 因此不必急於判斷. Someone who seems odd could be...if you're eager, go ahead and push it to the action stage. 在星期三里, 您've got support to give, and someone -- a friend, a significant...

    • 誰能告訴我這些英文片語的意思...(要英文解釋)20+

      ...who gives unwanted driving advice to the driver 10. order around: to give someone orders in an annoying or threatening way Syn: boss around, push around E.g. How dare he order ...

    • 一些英文諺語的中文翻譯

      push your luck得寸進尺 / 得了便宜還賣乖hook, line, and sinker全部Make hay while the sun is shining.) 打抱不平a catch 22 不可...haystack 大海撈針a Herculean task艱鉅的任務 to give up the ghost 見閻王(死)bring to book 要求解釋; 責問