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  1. give someone the works

    • ph.
      tell someone everything;treat someone harshly or violently
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    • ph.
      treat someone harshly

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • work as [someone]

      When you work as a journalist, your job is to report the news for a newspaper, magazine, radio program, or television program.

    • 請幫我翻譯 Work for the working man google helps a lot try to google it

    • 英翻中(有關經濟面)

      ...應該是不喜歡為其他人工作???)的企業家之精神, 這也創造了外銷製造業之成功. the Taiwanese came to see entrepreneurship as preferable to working for someone else, 這句中是否應為 preferable not to working ???? 不喜為他人工作(愛...