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    • (英文) 單字填空

      ...treasure actually exists, people may want a ( model) for their own ( social) development. This may actually have ...illustrate ) how people should live. Why else might someone want to find the lost city of Atlantis?

    • 急~英文作文跟對話!

      ...they fail to do a stunt, instead of giving up, they will try again and again. Since then, I will take notice of every news related to...1607010810688 2.The advice for someone who is going on a...

    • 請問有沒有人可以將這幾篇文章翻譯中文

      ...在這裡與那裡。  It was then that I noticed that I had no electricity. 之後我便注意到.... 颱風真是個可怕的天然災害。  I wish they didn't hit Taiwan so often. 我期望它們並不會...