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  1. give something out

    • ph.
      distribute or broadcast something
  2. 知識+

    • (急~)請高手幫忙幾句簡易英文~20點

      ... will be displayed and then will be given away to the public. Give something out分發 被選上的書會先展示然後再分給大眾 3.They have booked a...

    • you give me something這首歌唱法

      ...late And the words that I could never say Are gonna come out anyway You give me something That makes me scared alright This could be nothing...

    • 英文文法解釋

      ...和前一子句相等的子句,兩者形成compound sentence。 4. 這裡的to是指 ? / 詞性是 ? give out something to somebody, to是和動詞give相關連的介系詞。 5. 這裡的that是指 ? that是關係代名詞...