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    • difference between 3 words

      ...who denies all forms of pleasure. "Austere" often gives me the impression of strict, bleak, and plain. It is very similar to ascetic, but I think the difference lies in the fact that austere...

    • 請把中文翻譯成英文....是一篇英文作文

      The nurse gives the impression of good care in the hospital..., they are very busy every day and sometimes... share the one of the reasons this is what I want to nurse...

    • 請幫我翻譯文章的句子..拜託..因為要考試了>

      ...on the world infiuence應該是influnce吧 這句是說 在世界上 他沒有任何影響力 2.gave the impression that the goods were of low quality 給別人一個 低品質的貨物 的印象 意思就是 給人家覺得 我們的貨物...