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  1. give the sack


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    • 1. 解僱 If you are late again, the boss will give you the sack. 如果你再遲到就會被老板解僱。
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    • 請問假設與氣為何要用were???

      ... he not resigned, we would have been obliged to give hime the sack. (較正式) If she were to find out that he was cheating...

    • English slang??

      ...毀掉 12.dumb-bell 笨蛋 13.holy cow 天哪 14.I'll give you a shout 我要請客 15.wiped out 精疲力盡 16...17.snowball's chance in hell 機會極小的意思 18.hit the sack 去睡覺 turkey 談正經事 坦白直接了當地說

    • 可以幫幫我嗎?有ㄐ拒不懂的英文希望各位幫個忙

      ...) Elliott missed a major part of the 1990 season because of a fibula fracture. 巨人隊的攻擊... game back, against Buffalo, Jumbo gave up a sack for a safety to All-Pro defensive lineman...