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  1. give priority to

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      認為優先, 優先考慮;公佈; 宣傳
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    • 1. 認為優先, 優先考慮 The trade unions must give priority to promoting the interests of their members. 商業工會必須優先考慮提高會員的利益。
    • 2. 公佈; 宣傳 We can give priority to the policy now. 我們現在可以公佈這項政策了。
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      聽; 傾聽 I beg you to give ear to my word. 我請求你聽一聽我的話。
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      生產, 生育 She gave birth to a girl last night. 她昨天夜裡生了一個女孩。 She gave birth to a fine healthy baby. 她生了個漂亮健康的嬰兒。
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      表達出; 體現出 At last he found a proper way to give expression to his gratitude. 最終他找到了適當的方式表達了自己的感激之情。
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      表達, 發洩(情感等) He gave vent to his anger by kicking the chair. 他猛踢椅子, 以此洩怒。
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      使躊躇 Our advice gave pause to him. 我們的建議使他躊躇。 Weather conditions were bad enough to give pause to even the most experienced climbers. 天氣十分惡劣, 即使最有經驗的登山者也猶豫不決。
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      鼓勵, 使振作起來, 在精神上支持 He gave heart to the independence movement. 他在精神上支持獨立運動。
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      引起 His words gave rise to a considerable amount of speculation. 他的話引起許多猜測。 These bad conditions have given rise to a lot of crime. 這些惡劣的環境已造成了許多犯罪行為。
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      屈服, 讓步, 投降 She's a gutsy player, she never gives in to her rivals. 她是個勇敢的選手, 從不屈服於對手。 The authorities showed no signs of giving in to the kidnapper's demands. 當局對綁架者的要求絲毫沒有讓步的跡象。
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      屈服; 讓人先走或通過; 讓人決定; 失去控制 Mrs. Rogers gave way to her husband in buying the car. 羅杰斯太太終於同意丈夫買下那輛車。 Give way to traffic coming in from the right. 讓從右面來的車輛先走。
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