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    • 英文句子或片語用法差異

      ...可數數量的降低) 3.我在無敵電子字典裡看到這句話: My life is entirely given up to work. (我的一生全部獻給了工作) 為何given的後面要多加up呢? to give...

    • 麻煩您幫我翻譯這些單字的中文意思

      ...一個未知數 vt. 1. 象徵 entirely ad. 1. 完全地;徹底地 My life is entirely given up to work.我的一生全部獻給了工作。 I entirely agree with you.我完全贊同你...

    • 請幫我翻下列英文對話....急.勿用翻譯機

      ... though the environment was so evil, one can not give up, so that we can achieve the goal at last. We have to... to die or busy to live? The future is entirely up to your own will. A: (nodding...