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    • To give up?

      give up 是放棄的意思 但 give 是動詞 ,所以如果你去查字典 give up 這個片語的時候 前面都會加一個 to .... 代表 to+V. 不會因為加了一個 to 就改變原意

    • give up

      ...up (to 某人) : 投案、自首、投降 Ex: After a week on the run, he gave himself up (to the police). 他經過一周的逃亡後(向警方)投案了! 5. give 某事物 up (to 某人...

    • have to 什麼詞??to give up 是不定詞嗎?

      問題1 You have to give up smoking ( 你必須戒菸...兩個句子裡,have to的動詞,後面的give up是不加to的不定詞,(見.p.692 have的用法...2010-03-19 18:35:19 補充: have to give up smoking 根據Macmillan...