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    • Give up drinking 動名詞位置

      Give up drinking 動名詞位置 請問 Give up the work , Give the work up "up"是副詞 名詞可以換位置 請問動名詞可以嗎 give up drinking ---- OK give drinking up---- Not OK...very weird.

    • 英文句子或片語用法差異

      ...數量的降低) 3.我在無敵電子字典裡看到這句話: My life is entirely given up to work. (我的一生全部獻給了工作) 為何given的後面要多加up呢? to give ...

    • 誰可以提供我幾句英文句子

      I wish I could cut out smoking. He gives up his work in order to look after his parent. Please turn down the volume of the...