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  1. glamour model

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    • 這幾段英文文法有錯誤嘛? envy the life of top models? They always enjoy the glitz and the glamour, however becoming a top model is a lot more than sex traps or dazzling photos...

    • 這幾段文章的意思

      名模的生活可以說像是美夢成真 學習如何在伸展台上展現魅力(我修飾過一點) 享受著這一切的耀眼炫目魅力 但是想成為一個名模不只純粹是性愛陷阱或是炫目的照片 那是一個很驚人的轉變

    • 可以翻成英文嗎?? 急件 !!!!

      ..., his mother working in the modeling agency, and her father engaged in the..." 25 most beautiful people "one. 05. "Glamour" the annual best-dressed men...