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    • 1. 怒目而視 The two men stood glaring at each other. 這兩個人站著怒目相視。
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    • 虎視眈眈的英文怎麼說????

      The wolf glares at those  fowls like a tiger eyeing its prey.The wolf eyes the group of poultry with hostility.The bad wolf casts covetous eyes on those domestic fowls.

    • 英文好的人請進

      ...quot;的話,英文單字是glare(怒視)後面可以加介系詞at。 ex. The teacher glared at the students taking in the back of the classroom.老師生氣的瞪著教室...

    • 請問英文中"看"...?

      ...through the key hole to see who is knocking at the door. 10) He glared at his sister when she scolded him. To see....只是一個不定詞...