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    • U玻璃;U玻璃器皿
    • 釋義

    • 1. U玻璃
    • 2. U玻璃器皿
    • 3. C玻璃杯
    • 4. C鏡子,透鏡
    • 5. 眼鏡,望遠鏡
  2. 知識+

    • glasses眼鏡 怎可以用複數呢

      "Have you seen my glasses?" "Here they are!" 「你有沒看到...100. 【它例】Can you show me another pair of glasses? – Here it is.

    • I wear glasses?

      I wear glasses 我戴眼鏡 是常見的說法 I wear a glasses 我戴一副眼鏡 應該是強調戴一副... 哈.不過眼鏡原本就是戴一副的..除非一次掛兩、三副眼鏡..

    • This new pair of glasses 是單數還複

      ...動詞」該用單數還複數? 譬如:究竟是 How much does this new pair of glasses cost? (單數的動詞)或是How much do this new pair of glasses cost...