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    • 玻璃質的,玻璃狀的,如鏡的
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    • [ 打蠟 ] 的英文要怎麼說?

      ...打蠟的動詞是wax 三態 wax; waxed; waxed The floor is glassy today, because it has just been waxed. The floor is...

    • 英文文法考題

      ...5.Granite is composed of feldspar, _____, is usually glassy and hard. (A) when, pure which (B) when, which pure (C) which, pure...

    • 有人知道如何作出這種效果嘛?

      ...content/products/cgs12/tuts/buttons/glass-05.jpg Draw Glassy Buttons 圖片參考: