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  1. glide

    • IPA[ɡlīd]


    • v.
      move with a smooth continuous motion, typically with little noise;cause to move with a smooth continuous motion
    • n.
      a smooth continuous movement;a smooth continuous step in ballroom dancing.
    • verb: glide, 3rd person present: glides, gerund or present participle: gliding, past tense: glided, past participle: glided

    • noun: glide, plural noun: glides

    • 釋義



    • 1. a smooth continuous movement the cuckoo makes its approach in a hawklike glide the Cessna started a gentle power-off glide
    • a smooth continuous step in ballroom dancing.
    • a flight in a glider or unpowered aircraft just within range for a straight glide home
    • 2. a sound produced as the vocal organs move toward or away from articulation of a vowel or consonant, for example /j/ in mute /mjut/.
  2. 知識+

    • glide和slide意思有差嗎?

      glide和slide意思有差嗎? ANS: 其實兩個單字意思都相同,用法也都一樣!! glide vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb) 滑動,滑行[Q]The snake glided...

    • On glide and Off glide

      在Linguistic(語言學)中"glide"的意思就是滑音, 也可以叫做 semivowel"半元音". diphthong= 雙元音 On glide...別的音的尾音連起,或無滑音,兩個母音混合成一個特別的音. example: On-glide ---> mule [myule] ---> 加入[y]滑音---> 把m音跟u音連在一起. Off...

    • Glide on ice

      "Coco glides on ice." 【Coco(人名)在冰上滑行】 "The film ...一句是"The film is beautifully shot but progressed as if gliding on ice." 這句的gliding on ice和標題的意思是相同的嗎?【是的...