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    • 請問一句英文的中譯

      glitch有如下的意思 過失.處置失當.小故障 wave有如下的意思 波浪.熱度.波動 如果合理的組合起來 那這一句的意思就是 Don't forget to glitch wave=別忘記小故障波浪 2008-07-17 22:14:29 補充: 嗯嗯!如果沒有別人進來補充...

    • 請問"小瑕疵"的英文怎麼說?

      Glitch will work for machine defects. Otherwise, you can also say "minor defect", "minor flaw". Honestly, small flaw will probably be understandable though not technically formal.

    • 網購國外商品未收到 請求中翻英協助

      ...with your company before, this is the first time we run into a glitch in receiving your mail on time. Would you please let us...