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    • 幫我把心得 中翻英 ((((20點奉上 the stuttering boy and found self-confidently from song, and move the global music fan with song, he could be once said to be full of in the course of his...

    • →緊急←中翻英 ~~20點唷!!

      ...popularly sings the special edition Channel V "in 8th session of global Chinese music announcement announcement" Most receives welcome the male singer to reward...

    • 英翻中(Global Advertising5.6)

      全球廣告 5th 最簡單的方法 那麼是什麼使得全球廣告如此引人注目和令人難忘?答案部分在於減少到絕對最低的消息,在出租圖片,音樂和強大,簡單的措辭的概念取代了產品的描述。事實上,品牌形象往往是獨立於任何真正的鋼筋考慮在所有的產品。它需要。當低成本廉價航空公司...