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  1. glove puppet


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    • 英文翻譯,幫我翻一下這些句子!

      1. Taiwan's glove-puppet theater seems an unlikely candidate for a modern revival, but a modern revival of waht...復古」的流行。 2. In part the excitement is due to a feature-length, glove-puppet movie, Legend of the Sacred Stone(1999), a hit amongst ...

    • time and age 的差別!

      Glove puppet shows were very popular in earlier times. 此為"...

    • (20點)布袋戲的英文該如何說?

      布袋戲,顧名思義是一種套在手掌上的傀儡木偶,所以應該叫"glove puppet' 至於說明它的演出情況只要在他的後頭加上"show"就對了---Glove puppet show