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  1. glucoprotein

    • KK[͵glukoˋprotin]
    • DJ[͵glu:kəuˋprəuti:n]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • 糖蛋白

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    • 超急英文翻成中文3

      Glycoproteins are rich in extracellular matrix, and they contribute a major source to the structure of the matrix [8]. 糖蛋白在子宮...the insulinindependent pathways, leading to the synthesis of oligosaccharide moieties of glycoprotein; hexose, hexosamine, fucose, and sialic acid have an important role in protein stability, function, and turnover [6]. 在糖尿病中...

    • 超急英文翻成中文

      ... of Gymnema montanum leaves on glycoprotein levels in alloxan-induced diabetic rats...montanum leaves possess a significant beneficial effect on glycoprotein moiety in addition to its antidiabetic effect. 除了抗...

    • 急!請問IIb/IIIa和Ib/Ix怎麼念呀?

      發問者問的應該是 glycoprotein(醣蛋白)的 IIb/IIIa 與 Ib/Ix 吧? 可以參考以下...