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  1. glue stick

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    • 請給我幼稚園美勞教學的英文單字或句子

      Material材料 tool (s) 用具: glue stick, glue, tape, stapler, scissors, marker pen, Pay attention, please...

    • 請問誰有寶兒”sara”這首歌的韓文歌詞?

      ...걸음은 널 닮아 가는데사라~ 사라~ 사라~ 사라~ 사라~ 사라~Crazy glue stuck together soul tiesRainy weather never sep arate love like a flushotIt...

    • 國外客戶來信

      We regret to inform you that our supplier has neither MS2612 or MB1851 in stock at the present moment. We will send you relevant pro forma invoice immediately when we receive relevant quotation and delivery schedule from our supplier. Thank you very much.