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  1. go
  2. vi 不及物動詞

    • 1. (move, travel) 去

      to go for a walk/drink 去散步/喝酒to go swimming/running 去游泳/跑步to go to/for the doctor 去看/請醫生she has gone to China 她去中國了we went economy class 我們是乘坐經濟艙去的to go on holiday 去度假to go to sb. for sth. 為某事物去某人處she went to fetch them 她去接他們了go and see if the bus has arrived 去看看公交車來了沒有go ask your mom 去問你媽we went in jeans 我們是穿牛仔褲去的where do we go from here? 我們該往哪走?she knows where she's going 她有明確的人生目標this must go no further 這件事一定得保密to go to it 動手100 mph is really going some! 100英里的時速真叫快啊!who goes there? 甚麼人?to go missing 丟失
    • 2. (become, turn) 變得

      to go bankrupt 破產my hair went grey 我的頭髮變得花白了to go bad 變壞
    • 3. (perform action) 移動

      the car went skidding off the road 汽車打滑偏離了公路the rabbit went hopping across the field 野兔蹦跳著穿過田野she went like this with her fingers 她這樣動了動她的手指
    • 4. (be conveyed) 被傳遞

      it can't go by post 這個不能郵寄their proposal will go before the board 他們的建議將提交給董事會
    • 5. (depart) 離開

      we must go, we must be going 我們必須走了the last train goes at midnight 最後一班火車午夜12點開出the boss will be sorry to see you go 老闆看到你離開會感到遺憾的two hot dogs to go 兩份熱狗,帶走
    • 6. (disappear) 消失; 丟失; 用完

      summer is going 夏天快過去了my bike went from outside the house 我的自行車在屋外丟了there or bang goes our chance of winning first prize! 我們贏得頭獎的機會告吹了!
    • 7. (be spent) 花掉; 耗費

      I don't know where my salary goes (to)! 我不知道我的工資花到哪裡去了!
    • 8. (elapse) 流逝

      the hours went slowly 時間過得很慢there are only three days to go before Christmas 離聖誕節只有三天了
    • 9. (be got rid of) 被辭退; 被丟棄; 被拆除

      he'll have to go 他必須辭職that lampshade has to go 那個燈罩一定得扔掉six down and four to go 處理完了6個,還有4個要處理
    • 10. (be sold) 被出售; 被出租

      it was going cheap 價格很便宜the house went to the highest bidder 房子賣給了出價最高的人going, going, gone! 一次,兩次,成交!I'm sorry, the room has gone 對不起,房間租出去了
    • 11. (become impaired) 受損

      his hearing/eyesight is starting to go 他的聽力/視力開始衰退my voice has gone 我說不出話了his health/mind is going 他的身體每況愈下/他越來越糊塗了
    • 12. (stop working or being intact) 塌落; 損壞; 斷掉

      the brakes went 剎車失靈了my legs went from under me 我沒站穩摔倒了the battery's going 蓄電池快用完了this jacket has gone at the elbows 這件短外套肘部磨破了there goes another button! 又掉了一顆扣子!
    • 13. (progress) 進行; 發生

      how's it going?, how are things going?, how goes it? 情況如何?the evening went very well 晚會進行得很順利what goes? 出甚麼事了?the way things are going, ... 看樣子…he has something going with one of his students 他和他的一個學生有點關係曖昧to make the party go well 把聚會辦得成功
    • 14. (colloq) (proceed recklessly, thoughtlessly, surprisingly) 竟然做

      now you've gone and done it! 你竟然幹出這種事!he only went and won the competition! 他就那樣贏得了比賽!
    • 15. (take one's turn) 輪到

      you go first 你先來whose turn is it to go? 輪到誰了?
    • 16. (extend) 延伸

      the roots of the tree go very deep 這棵樹的根扎得很深this door/corridor goes to the kitchen 這扇門/這個走廊通往廚房volume 3 goes from M to R 第3卷收錄的是M字頭到R字頭的詞條it's true as far as it goes 這還算真實these habits go very deep 這些習慣根深蒂固a leg of lamb doesn't go very far among twelve people 一條羊腿不太夠12個人吃money does not go very far nowadays 如今錢不太經用this goes a long way towards explaining his attitude 這能很好地解釋他的態度to go one better (than sb.) (比某人)略勝一籌
    • 17. (move towards certain point) 達到

      the boy will go far 那個男孩會有出息的to go too far to back out 陷得太深,沒法退出I would even go as or so far as to say that ... 我甚至想說…to go further and admit that ... 進而承認…
    • 18. (be bequeathed) 被遺贈; 被捐贈給

      to go to sb./sth. 由…繼承the house will go to his daughters 這所房子將留給他的女兒們
    • 19. (be given) 給予

      the judgement went in his favour 裁決對他有利most of the credit should go to the designer 大部分功勞應該歸設計者the job went to a small builder 這活兒給了一家小建築公司
    • 20. (move about) 移動; 過活

      to go naked/armed 光著身子/帶著武器to go in fear of one's life 總為性命擔憂
    • 21. (be on average) 一般而言

      he's not bad, as boys go 和一般男孩子相比,他並不壞as things go 就一般情形而言
    • 22. (operate, function) 運轉

      to set or get sth. going 使某物運轉起來to keep sb./sth. going 使某人堅持下去/讓某事繼續下去the engine won't go 引擎壞了
    • 23. (sound) 響起

      the alarm went at 6 6點鐘鬧鐘鈴響了
    • 24. (continue, last) 持續

      this strike's already been going too long 這次罷工持續時間太長了we can go days without seeing a soul 我們能連著好幾天看不見一個人
    • 25. (have as content) 內容是

      as the saying goes 常言道the story/rumour goes that ... 據說/有傳言說…his theory goes something like this 他的理論大致是這樣的I can't remember how the next line of the poem goes 我想不起這首詩的下一行是甚麼了
    • 26. (Mus) 被演唱

      how does the song go? 這首歌是怎麼唱的?
    • 27. (contribute) 起作用

      everything that goes to make a good teacher/school 成為好教師/好學校的一切條件
    • 28. (resort, have recourse) 訴諸

      to go to war 開戰to go to the relevant authority 訴諸有關當局to go to law 訴諸法律to go to the country 進行大選
    • 29. (change to become) 變為

      to go vegetarian 變成素食者to go metric 實行公制the constituency went Conservative 這個選區的選民轉而支持保守黨
    • 30. (be, remain) 保持

      to go unnoticed/unpunished 未被察覺/懲罰most of the population went hungry 大多數人捱餓criminals were allowed to go free 犯人們被釋放了to go easy on sb. 寬容地對待某人
    • 31. (belong) 應放置; 被放置

      this goes under a different heading 這個應放在其他標題下the suitcases will have to go in the back 這些手提箱只能放在後面
    • 32. (be on offer) 可供應; 可得到

      to be going 能買到I'll have whatever's going 有甚麼我就吃甚麼there's a job going at the London office 倫敦辦事處有一份工作空缺
    • 33. (colloq) (urinate, defecate) 上廁所

      I need to go (really badly) 我(憋不住)要上廁所了
    • 34. (be accepted) 被接受

      what I say, goes! 凡是我說的都得照辦!anything goes these days 如今無奇不有it goes without saying that ... 不用說…
    • 35. (euph) (die) 去世

      after I go 我走了之後

    vt 及物動詞

    • 1. (travel) 走過; 沿著

      we had gone only 3 km 我們只走了3公里are you going my way? 你和我同路嗎?to go one's own way 我行我素
    • 2. (colloq) (say) 說; 出聲

      so he goes, ‘what about my money?’ 於是他說:“我的錢呢?”the cat went miaow 貓喵了一聲
    • 3. (bet, bid) 出; 下…的賭注

      I'm going £10 on the red 我給紅方押10英鎊he went three spades 他出了3張黑桃


    • 1. (Brit) (energy) 精力

      to be full of go, to be all go 精力充沛she has no go in her 她沒有熱情
    • 2. (Brit) (turn) 輪

      it's your go now 輪到你了
    • 3. (Brit) (try) 嘗試

      to have a go at sth. 嘗試做某事someone has had a go at this lock 有人鼓搗過這把鎖to have a go at sb. 批評某人to have a go on sth. 試一下某物
    • 4. (spell of action) 一陣行動

      at one or a go, in one go 一下子to do sth. in two goes 分兩次做某事
    • 5. (success) 成功

      to make a go of sth. 在某事上取得成功
  3. 同義字

    1. move from one place to another; travel

    2. (of a thing) lie or extend in a certain direction

    3. said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone

    4. leave; depart

    • leave, depart, take one's leave, take oneself off, go away, go off, withdraw, absent oneself, say one's goodbyes, quit, make an exit, exit, set off, set out, start out, get going, get under way, be on one's way, decamp, retreat, beat a retreat, retire, make off, clear out, make oneself scarce, slope off, run off, run away, flee, make a move, make tracks, shove off, push off, clear off, beat it, take off, skedaddle, scram, split, scoot, up sticks, pack one's bags, sling one's hook, vamoose, hightail it, cut out, abstract oneself

    5. (of time) pass or elapse

    • pass, pass by, elapse, slip by/past, roll by/past, tick away, wear on, march on, fly by/past

    6. come to an end; cease to exist

    7. cease operating or functioning

    • be used up, be spent, be finished, be at an end, be exhausted, be consumed, be drained, be depleted

    8. die (used euphemistically)

    • die, pass away, pass on, expire, depart this life, be no more, breathe one's last, draw one's last breath, meet one's end, meet one's death, meet one's Maker, give up the ghost, go to the great beyond, cross the great divide, shuffle off this mortal coil, perish, go the way of the/all flesh, go to one's last resting place, kick the bucket, bite the dust, croak, conk out, buy it, turn up one's toes, cash in one's chips, go belly up, snuff it, peg out, pop one's clogs

    9. be lost or stolen

    • be stolen, be taken, go missing, disappear, be lost, be mislaid
  4. 反義字

    「1. said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone」的反義字:

    「2. leave; depart」的反義字:

    「3. come to an end; cease to exist」的反義字:

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