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  1. go (or move in or close in) for the kill

    • ph.
      take decisive action, often ruthlessly, to turn a situation to one's advantage
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      ... argument. Here is the rundown. You are ... of and subsequently executed for a crime they doesn't commit, but quickly...The desire not to let criminals go free does not justify death penalty...

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      ... Tech mass killing might worsen Asian...become integrated with the mainstream society in America. 1. The...much less chances for Asian elites... citizenship or to apply for immigrantion. ...

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      1.Camels live in the desert. 駱駝居住在沙漠之中 They con go without food or water for a long time. 牠們能夠長時間的...將魚勒斃 and some of them kill with a poison bite. 還有某些是藉由...