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  1. go about one's work

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      做, 著手做自己的工作
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    • 1. 做, 著手做自己的工作 She went cheerfully about her work. 她高高興興地做她的工作。
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      ...then eat breakfast at.....ready for work..... you woke up at 8 30... it talking about something like....birthdays...anyway~ good luck ^^ ( i was going to po this in the 意見 ,because i...

    • 請幫我修改這篇英文 急~ anyone when handling problems, going out or worry about things. But when you gets... you finished one day's worked and got home tiredly, no one would welcome...

    • 英翻中(相關飛機失事)最總回 that in the past. They just didn’t care about their manifests, so they never really... not in place before TWA’s flight 800 went down. Abe先生說,這項立法迫使航空業者訂出...