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  1. go all the way


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    • 1. 完全同意 I can't go all the way with some of the details of your argument. 我不能完全同意你論據中的某些觀點。
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    • elevator doesn't go all the

      all the way完全地 (副詞性) His elevator doesn't go all the way up (to the floor). 字面來看是指:他的電梯沒有整個走上樓 一台電梯七零八落...

    • 英文翻中文

      ...地區 南部的; 往南方的 轉往南方;經過子午線 Without going all the way around the tip of South America. 沒有一直去在南美洲附近一角。

    • 向外國人報路會用到的句子

      1. Go straight all the way to the end and turn left, you will see... am sorry, it is the non smoking area inside, please go outside smoking.