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    • 基礎英文文法

      ...rdquo;我的喉嚨癢的要命” I went home with some over-the-counter painkillers that day. After all, it was way easier than going all the way to...

    • 我的英文有錯那摸多麼?

      ...昨晚芒果的甜美香氣一路伴隨著我們回家 Mango's sweet smells went with us all the way home last night Mango's sweet smell was all the way home with ...

    • 幫幫忙~幫我找單字..翻譯一下

      ...準備好為它第一次越洋旅行出發 It is going all the way from England to America. 它會從... restaurants, a post office-even a gym with a toy camel to ride. 它裡面有餐廳,郵局,甚至還有...