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    go around

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    • going around vs. going round~~

      going around vs. going round ~~~~they are somehow different for example... I'm going...go round (這些椅子不夠分配) go round 在這裡是分配的意思 He is going around by himself. (他一個人走來走去) go around在這裡是走來走去 看你怎樣用嚕...

    • go around的翻譯?

      ..., and the euro and sterling sliding, there's enough volatility to go around without having to worry about how much or how quickly the yuan might rise. 人民幣...

    • 關於go around(急~20點)

      ...一地或另一人; 一起; 滿足需求 There are a lot of colds going around. 感冒正在流行。 Mr. Smith is going around ...