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  1. go around with

    • ph.
      be regularly in the company of someone
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    • 關於go around(急~20點)

      ...地球圍繞太陽運轉。 The wine didn't go around. 酒不夠分配。 The boy went around with a bad crowd. 這個男孩跟一夥壞人混在一起。 用法︰ go around 後接名詞, 表示...

    • go around的翻譯?

      ... contribution to the global economy right now. With Asian markets down sharply Monday...sterling sliding, there's enough volatility to go around without having to worry about how much or how...

    • 有關英文文法 請教英文達人

      ...您服務,若有任何疑慮請寫信給我,小弟自當盡力而為: My brother, together with his friends, always "goes" around collecting wood for bonfire night.我的哥哥(弟弟),包括他的朋友在內...