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  1. go back

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    • 1. 返回 they went back home 他們回家了 she won't go back to her husband 她不肯回到她丈夫身邊
    • 2. 向後延伸 the cave goes back 300 metres 這個洞進深300米
    • 3. 恢復某事物/做某事 to go back to sth./doing sth. to go back to sleep 再入睡
    • 4. 回憶 my memory doesn't go so far back/back that far 我記不起那麼久遠的事情 to understand the problem we must go back fifty years 要弄清這個問題,我們必須回到50年以前
    • 5. 追溯 the family goes back to the Norman Conquest 這個家族可追溯到諾曼征服時期 we go back a long way 我們認識很久了