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    • 請問何者正確 going back and between

      going back and forth between him and me 正確。 between 是介係詞,後面接受詞,所以後面...人都是受格,不受 and 的影響。 及物動詞後面的受詞也一樣,兩個人也不受 and 的影響: Jennifer invited him and me to her...

    • 這該如何造句

      1. 來來回回;擺不定;牆頭草 The government has been going back and forth on their policies 政府在政策上一直搖擺不定。 2. 把....當成...

    • 這篇文張可以幫我做修改讓它變得更通順或是更好嗎?

      ..., it is a very convenient mode of traffic transportation with which to go back and forth for short dinstances. You do not waste much time to find a ...