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    go beyond the limit

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    • Beyond the Body's Limits(上)

      在2000年悉尼奧運會,一名英國男子,史蒂夫雷德格雷夫,向世界展示的韌性人的心靈和身體。在奧運會上,運動員都表現出他們的運動技能和力量。在悉尼,史蒂夫雷德格雷夫和英國賽艇隊奪得了金牌。他擊敗了所有其他划艇隊在世界和應付兩個非常嚴重的疾病。 雷德格雷夫是一個世界...

    • 請幫看一下這篇英文文章有哪裡須要修改

      ..., it's not that important for me to keep pursuing and going beyond my limit. So I wouldn't think it as the only possibility to me. I like many things and there are many...

    • 英文文法解釋

      ...some time. Besides, if I supplement the Chinese version, it would go beyond the limit. Anyway, if you have trouble to understand in English, I will...