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  1. things that go bump in the night

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    • 這段文章哪裡有錯" 不可以一起用 所以, 應該是 ===> I drove carelessly then bumped into a police car I said,” Oh my god! I’m so...

    • 英文片語 <--中文意思 幫! 15點

      ...break-up意思是離婚 3. break down 失敗~劃分~損壞 4. bump into 撞上&偶遇 5. by the way 順帶一提 6. between...某人 8. bring 物 for 人 帶某物給某人 9. be V going to V 我只知道be going to是will的意思...

    • 求下列幾句英翻中及文法是否正確

      ... (very much).或This morning, Jacky bumped into the big tree. That causes his...他的心情不好。 5. She being happy, we will go on a picnic the day after tomorrow.à她很快樂才去...