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      (指時間)過去, 消逝;遵行; 依照; 憑...判斷
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    • 1. (指時間)過去, 消逝 Time goes by quickly on vacation. 假期的時間過得快。 As time goes by my memory seems to get worse. 隨著時間的流逝, 我的記憶力似乎越來越差。
    • 2. 遵行; 依照; 憑...判斷 You had better go by the rules. 你最好遵守規則。 Don't go by that old map. 別參照那張舊地圖。
    • 3. 以…為名 Many actors do not go by their real names. 許多演員不用真實姓名。
    • 4. 短暫的拜訪 He was in when I went by yesterday. 我昨天順便看他時他在家。


    (指時間)過去, 消逝