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    • I go to work by car.

      ...都不能加喔! 可是以實體面解釋時,就是可數名詞了,前要加決定詞! I go to work in my car. in 以...方式 我開我的車去上班 希望有幫到你!

    • 英文用法幫我ㄧ下 driving the car誤用,以下試舉例說明。 我每天開車去上班。 I go to work by car every day. I drive a car to work every day. I drive my car to work...

    • 口試稿文法單字修正6月23日以前 急

      ... live on Queen Street. I go to school by car every day. But now I don’t take the... no driver to help me get on and off the car. It's not convenient for me. ...